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  20/07/2003 woohoo!!! It was a very busy month with a lot of improvements from drivers during all enjoyable race on Asuncion. Three new names appeared on scoreboard, but they couldn't keep high tempo yet. Well, let's congratulate the heroe Alain for his first win.

1st - Alain. I am proud of this victory, I will be remembered as the pilot who broke the great Alan Rotoi winning streak. I think now that I achieved a world level driving with victories on all grounds.

3rd - Bonzai Joe. Didn't have time to make a good replay, so this is not the IRC-comeback it was supposed to be.

4th - Akoss Poo. I'm satisfied with my time and my time loss from 1st, but my position is a bit disappointing. I lost to BJ only by 0.25 seconds... That sounds great, it seems everybody did his best. Grats to Alain.

5th - Juank 23. Well I have to say that this track was incredible. I enjoy it a lot and the gap between manual drivers and me (auto) was very short. The track has a lot of slow corners and it has some dificult parts too. Congratulations to the track designer!!!

10th - satanziege. I like the idea of staying on track - it makes life for a beginner easier, we can concentrate on driving, not on tricks. The track was nice to drive, very smooth. Wouldn't have imagined to make it in the top10 right in my first race.