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  04/07/2003 Race on Dublin streets ended long time ago but let's do a short review of it. Alan Rotoi is still on top, but harder every month. It was his 9th consecutive win and now we can only wait for anniversary - 10th - victory. Racers in regular progress: Alain, Akoss Poo and CTG. Disappointed this time Bonzai Joe (sent only a no-RH time) and pArAnO (was away and couldn't defend his positions). "Man of the Race" award goes to Krys Toff because of his racing (sent a lot of replays without and with RH) and non-racing activity.

Just after the race our reporter asked all racers a question about their performances and impressions on this easy track. What were answers?

1st - Alan Rotoi. I feel very well, I'm making a personal and a community record. It's more than I expected from the beginning, but I'll fight for even more wins.

2nd - Alain. I am totally devastated. I think I should not be but I am... But I will do ANYTHING to beat Alan Rotoi next time. Anyway, to the all trash talkers, it's true I am not a good driver, really...

3rd - Akoss Poo. I had only one afternoon for IRC, so I just sent a rpl. The thing that was a part where I could to drive a little faster, hurts me very much. But I must be satisfied with that result.

4th - pArAnO. n/a

5th - Zak McKracken. Recently I have not so much time to race, and I'm really satisfied with my result. It's still annoying that I'm far from the top times, but it's not my league I guess.

6th - CTG. To tell the truth, it was very-very easy race for me. Not only the track was simple but I could reach normal times too early and a bit easily. Not sure, but I think it could be improved 1-2 secs if I'd race more seriously. Ranking is alright unless Zak's time in the last days...

7th - Krys Toff. I liked this track, but I just wasn't efficient on it. I lost times in corners as always. But I'm happy - I earned points again.

8th - Mingva. I'm pleased, finally I got my first point this season. However, it deserved only because BJ decided not to send RH time.

9th - Bonzai Joe. Not much to say about it. Didn't race much with RH, didn't do very well. Quite fair. I'm happy that I won the auto/norh competition. I thought it would be hard.

10th - Juank 23. n/a

11th - Leo Ramone. Awful performance... I just didn't have enough time to mark a decent time...