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  24/05/2003 Chicago... It was the closest race this year. Top3 times with a less than 1 sec difference. Another glorious victory for "MeganiuM Aces High" team. Besides that, pArAnO got 1 bonus point (for the second time this season), also was announced as our "Man of the Race". Congrats goes to CTG too because it was the first time when he tried his best with manual gears on ISA/IRC tracks. OK, now let's read racers' thoughts about their achieved results.

1st - Alan Rotoi. What I did? I took pArAnO's replay and tried to beat that time only. Sure, I could send a better time. As always I had a slow beginning and a slow middle part. I missed a good scoreboard fight, but I'm not able to do it in these times.

2nd - pArAnO. I loved the track: not too long, not too short, not too hard, not too easy, just fine. This time I could win, but I was in exam and did my final time on last night.

3rd - Bonzai Joe. I hadn't really aimed higher than 3rd position. I am satisfied with my result in that light. I spent only about 1 hour doing my replay (the last hour before the deadline). Now that I see I was quite close to MeganiuM's times, I regret that I didn't drive a bit more.

4th - Akoss Poo. Don't know what was the problem. The time difference is annoying. Maybe I'm not in good shape. I promised to beat pArAnO but it was impossible. I don't think I would have been able to send a much better time, maybe half a second.

5th - Alain. It was a well designed track. And I guess that studying Alan Rotoi's replay, which is the only one packed with the track, I will win Dublin because of similar playgrounds.

6th - CTG. This is my best in IRC races! I'm very satisfied with that 6th place. My performance in all comps were quite good in the last two months, including Chicago. I hope next race will be similar...

7th - Juank 23. n/a

8th - Zak McKracken. I absolutely hadn't time for Stunts in the last week. I spent 99% of my free time and 100% of the nights with my girlfriend, so I feel fine when I can keep up my site.

9th - Krys Toff. I feel sad because I got the bad habit to finish right behind the points... But I think I spent too much time testing the 2 ways before choosing one. I had problems to keep good speed in corners, and was beaten by the others!

10th - Mingva. I dreamed to gain my first point at track designed by me. But even manual transmission couldn't help to reach competitive times

11th - Leo Ramone. I couldn't have enough time for practice... If my schedule could be more empty... And I missed speed... Just it