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  04/07/2003 As many IRC races, the key to victory on Dublin was speed on corners. Let's separate drivers into groups: "Leaders" - the best 4 drivers, with a final time under 1:23; "Followers" - the next 6 drivers, with a time slower than 1:24; and finally "Slower" group with Leo (more than 10 seconds behind the nearest opponent) in it... (sic)

The beginning was easy, and Mingva accelerated the best. But then Alain used his speed skills to make an excellent interval. So he took the lead (CP1; view all). Mingva, previous leader, lost many time there. Right after that, on the corners, the one and only ISA/IRC champion Alan Rotoi shortly was in front of all because of a bad time from Alain. In other following corners Alain took the best again, and retrieved the lead (CP2). But in overall, Akoss Poo was the fastest in this multi-corner section.

After that, no real difference between drivers in 6th gear straight part (all drivers in 0.15 seconds, except Leo who still has problems with 6th gear...), with concrete blocks and a left corner at the end. The best way to pass the blocks was to the right (not between them). In this way was a chance to brake later and more efficiently with the help of the grass under right tires. Those who stayed in the middle of the road, were forced to slow sooner and they lost a little time.

Well, Alain still the leader of the "Leaders" group and CTG of the "Followers", just before Zak. This continued until the difficult Stunts element - corkscrew up/down. It was best taken by Alan Rotoi, and that's why he took the lead again (CP3)! Also Mingva started to loose contact with the rest of the "Followers" there.

In a fast part to the boulevard wasn't a big difference between drivers. Only Alain lost precious time comparing to Alan Rotoi who assured his victory. The goal then was to reach 6th gear before the loop to earn some time again. BJ and Juank reached 6th gear quite later and left it right at the end of the loop, so they lost around 1 second here, putting them at the end of the "Followers" (CP4)...

The finish was fast, and then again, the best way to pass concrete blocks was to the right. That's how all "Leaders" did, but not all "Followers". Krys Toff and Mingva were the fastest "Followers" there, and so they both saved valuable time. Sufficient to overtake BJ and Juank, but not enough to beat Zak or CTG, who had an appreciable advantage. But the surprises were not over: CTG lost 0.3 seconds to Zak on the last part, losing the 5th place for only 0.2 second!!! A nice duel between them during all the race.

Pos. Racer CP1 CP2 S2 CP3 S3 CP4 S4 Time
1. Alan Rotoi 21.70 41.30 19.60 62.85 21.55 76.00 13.15 1:21.20
2. Alain 21.20 41.05 19.85 63.05 22.00 76.35 13.30 1:21.60
3. Akoss Poo 21.65 41.20 19.55 63.25 22.05 76.80 13.55 1:22.00
4. pArAnO 21.80 41.90 20.10 64.00 22.10 77.30 13.30 1:22.60
5. Zak McKracken 22.10 42.75 20.65 65.10 22.35 78.50 13.40 1:24.50
6. CTG 22.35 42.60 20.25 64.85 22.25 78.40 13.55 1:24.70
7. Krys Toff 22.35 43.60 21.25 66.10 22.50 80.10 14.00 1:25.40
8. Mingva 22.60 43.20 20.60 66.45 23.25 80.45 14.00 1:26.30
9. Bonzai Joe 22.15 42.85 20.70 65.65 22.80 80.55 14.90 1:27.20
10. Juank 23 22.15 43.10 20.95 65.50 22.40 80.90 15.40 1:28.40
11. Leo Ramone 24.05 48.45 24.40 76.40 27.95 92.90 16.50 1:39.90