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  02/06/2003 On this not too difficult dual-way track everybody chose the main way (forward) and not to the right. Obviously the right way allowed a faster ending but it's length was a little bit longer, and so the times were around 1 sec worse.

In the beginning it was quite easy to reach 6th gear on the first hill but race fast in the first corner was more difficult. Alan Rotoi and Akoss Poo were the best (CP1; view all) with a 0.05 sec difference only. We already can see CTG, Zak McKracken, Krys Toff, Mingva and Leo Ramone far away from the leaders at this point.

Then we had an elevated corner (best taken by pArAnO) and a straight road with a pipe (CP2). This pipe was total fatality for Juank 23 who stayed on the side instead of turning on it to reach 6th gear. He was the second slowest there, lost contact with Alain and was overtaken by CTG and Zak.

After the jump - a corner exercise before the hill with the loop (CP3). Top5 drivers are almost equal in this section. At this point Alan Rotoi and pArAnO are exactly at the same time. That's teamwork! Akoss Poo and Bonzai Joe are already one second behind them... The victory is definitively for a "MeganiuM" racer. The fight between Juank 23, CTG and Zak is quite hard too: 0.25 sec only separate them.

Then we reached 6th gear for a very few moments in the loop, and tried to take the corner at the max possible speed to be fast on the final part. BJ was the best at this. After that - the decisive part with tunnel and boulevard. That's where CTG definitively took the best to Juank 23 and Zak. He was as good as top5 on this part, and one second better than his direct opponents. Also Bonzai Joe, with the benefit of higher speed on the corner, took the best from Akoss Poo to assure the 3rd place.

The final banked corner on the hill was the possibility to reach 6th gear again, but only Alain and Bonzai Joe managed to do it. With it, Bonzai Joe almost overtook pArAnO for the 2nd place!!! But it was too late. So bad for him, he lost one second at the beginning. But he is on the podium, so Mr.Cork will be happy

This race was the most difficult for Alan Rotoi since the beginning of the season as pArAnO and BJ were very close to him. Akoss Poo also wasn't very far away from leaders. I think we will see another driver on the first place in the next months.

Pos. Racer CP1 CP2 S2 CP3 S3 CP4 S4 Time
1. Alan Rotoi 25.95 37.25 11.30 47.50 10.25 63.15 15.65 1:08.25
2. pArAnO 26.15 37.20 11.05 47.50 10.30 63.20 15.70 1:08.50
3. Bonzai Joe 26.10 38.20 12.10 48.50 10.30 64.20 15.70 1:08.90
4. Akoss Poo 26.00 38.75 12.75 48.95 10.20 65.65 16.70 1:10.85
5. Alain 26.80 39.85 13.05 50.10 10.25 67.00 16.90 1:11.60
6. CTG 27.80 41.00 13.20 51.95 10.95 69.20 17.25 1:14.65
7. Juank 23 26.65 41.10 14.45 51.70 10.60 69.75 18.05 1:15.50
8. Zak McKracken 27.55 40.90 13.35 51.90 11.00 70.15 18.25 1:15.75
9. Krys Toff 28.00 41.25 13.25 53.25 12.00 72.20 18.95 1:17.65
10. Mingva 28.50 42.80 14.30 54.30 11.50 73.50 19.20 1:19.10
11. Leo Ramone 31.10 46.65 15.55 58.95 12.30 79.30 20.35 1:26.05