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  21/04/2003 First, it's important to say that the winner is VERY close to the best possible time on this track. An impressive performance and a consolation for the others... This track was not very difficult but very fast, obviously designed for 6th gear. At the beginning, there was no real difference between drivers, but the first elevated corner made the first ranking: Alan Rotoi, pArAnO and Alain were the top3 at this point (CP1; view all).

Nobody was forced to slow down before the paved corner. This corner was important for reaching 6th gear as soon as possible in the loop (CP2). Akoss Poo was the best, followed by Alan Rotoi and Alain. Zak and Krys were slower a bit. The left-right-left banked corners were difficult only for no-RH racing and a simple formality for everyone. Only Leo Ramone lost much time there because he didn't use 6th gear.

The first key point of the track was the next two elevated corners, especially the last in order to reach 6th gear quickly after it (CP3). Akoss Poo was the best at the 1st one and Alan Rotoi at the 2nd. Mingva lost much time there. He let CTG and Juank 23 get close to him. Also here Akoss took the 3rd place as Alain was too slow to keep it. Then we had elevated ramps for a huge jump. Krys was the only one who made a jump directly from the 1st ramp without hitting the 2nd. But obviously it wasn't the fastest way, even auto gear drivers (CTG and Juank) handicaped

After that, no real difficulty in the loop/tunnel except for Leo who decreased speed when he reached the loop. And now all left 6th gear again for an important corner - the second key point of the track. It's the MeganiuM corner because "MeganiuM" drivers took it the fastest, and that allowed them to reach 6th gear on the small banked road BEFORE zigzag roads. Akoss Poo was close to do it too, but he wasn't fast enough. Here Mingva lost his 8th place. He was much slower than CTG and Juank 23 in the corner.

All drivers (except Leo) reached 6th gear on the banked corner AFTER the zigzag. But "MeganiuM" members already had 6th gear, so they increased their leading by more than one second here!

So, we had some great fights on this track, except Alan Rotoi who was much above the others due to his skills in corners. The fight for the podium was hard between pArAnO and Akoss Poo until the MeganiuM corner. Alain was also a potential 2nd. Then we had a good fight for the next 3 places (5th to 7th), won by Zak. And a good fight for the other next 3 places (8th to 10th), won by CTG who managed to earn the last available point.

Pos. Racer CP1 CP2 S2 CP3 S3 CP4 S4 Time
1. Alan Rotoi 19.90 37.30 17.40 62.65 25.35 82.40 19.75 1:31.85
2. pArAnO 19.95 37.75 17.80 64.35 26.60 83.80 19.45 1:33.40
3. Akoss Poo 20.35 37.60 17.25 64.00 26.40 83.95 19.95 1:34.65
4. Alain 20.10 37.55 17.45 64.70 27.15 84.90 20.20 1:35.70
5. Zak McKracken 20.25 38.30 18.05 65.30 27.00 85.50 20.20 1:36.30
6. Bonzai Joe replay not available 1:36.xx
7. Krys Toff 20.50 38.00 17.50 65.30 27.30 85.70 20.40 1:36.80
8. CTG 20.80 39.15 18.35 66.50 27.35 87.90 21.40 1:38.95
9. Juank 23 20.90 39.50 18.60 66.80 27.30 87.85 21.05 1:39.25
10. Mingva 20.40 38.95 18.55 66.65 27.70 88.10 21.45 1:39.70
11. Leo Ramone 21.20 46.25 25.05 81.65 35.40 105.45 23.80 1:59.20