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  22/12/2003 In my opinion, Santiago could be named as the most boring race this season. No time to race because of exams/work, also lack of motivation were the main reasons for such inactivity. Probably the biggest loss - Tsino's absence. And what drivers told about their results after the race?

1st - Bonzai Joe. I was very happy with time when I drove it. But I'm a bit surprised it won. It's a nice replay that I like to watch, but I know it's not perfect, so I don't count it among my bests.

2nd - Alan Rotoi. I can tell I didn't expect a such high place with this replay. The time isn't great, and it wouldn't be enough for podium in a common race. My main target in Stunts this year was IRC title, but I didn't expect to win it after Santiago race.

3rd - Akoss Poo. n/a

4th - Alain. I am happy with this place, because I really tried something decent on the last replay, just to be second on the scoreboard all month long. And I got enough points to keep fighting for the second place on the final team, nation and individual rankings.

5th - Krys Toff. Finishing 5th on such track is a good result for me because I'm very bad on icy parts. And I beat CTG, that's important for our personnal duel.

6th - CTG. It was really a crappy time from me in spite of the fact that I worked a lot on it. Hard work, poor result - not a good combination...

7th - Zak McKracken. Well, time was sent to be a bit better as a listfiller (spent around 1hr on it). But I'm quite satisfied with the result.

8th - satanziege. I'm happy with the point I got: it is very close to victory for me But if I had stopped trying the beginning (where I had trouble with the first few corners) and had spent that time on improving the finish, I might have been better.

9th - Mingva. I did only one test lap in auto transm. Somehow I lost any interest in IRC.

10th - Leo Ramone. Just to be in the scoreboard... I have a terrible month...