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  2003 Interviews
  26/10/2003 After an impressive finish on Dakar, Tsino agreed to give an interview to us.

What do you think about our competition?
I like IRC, it's an excellent competition, good racers, good tracks and we don't worry about finding shortcuts. Besides it's nice to fight for each hundredth of second, and just the fastest racer can achieve the victory.

Was it hard to win on Dakar?
I think my first place was easy because other racers are not giving the best of them. Alan Rotoi's victory in championship is unquestionable so at this moment people is worrying about other things, like other competitions in those they have more possibilities or in the handling of their webpages. But I don't care, I will continue investing my little free time playing hard in IRC.

How long you're with Stunts?
The first time I played Stunts was in 1995 and I spent playing around one year. It was just for fun, no replay handling those days.

And then stopped...
Yes, but three months ago I was surfing the web looking for some abandonware games. When I found a link to 4dsL competition in one of those pages, I didn't think twice. The same day I sent my first replay which was penalized and placed me in the last positions of the competition. It was the best thing I could do three months before.

What about community life and other competitions?
As you know, there is a chat in 4dsL so I started talking with Alan Rotoi, Alain and Juank. They introduced me to the Stunts community in August. Before I didn't have any idea about it's existence. Then I decided to join Kalpen and IRC competitions. In the future I hope to have more free time to participate in other competitions and to improve my english for being more active in the community.

Any news about team? Maybe you're planning to join or create your own?
No news about team. I'm still continuing without a team. I'd prefer to join one because in this way I could learn from experienced racers. And I have many things (no sex) to give and to contribute to a team as well. I will be waiting for some proposal.