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  2002 Latest News || Site of season'2003 is available here!
  16/12/2002 Ended 2002 season. Alan Rotoi won the last race on Helsinki. So, he's our ISA champion. "MeganiuM Aces High" team with Alan Rotoi and pArAnO is the winner of Teams' championship. Congratulations!!!

16/11/2002 Wow, what a race we had on Buenos Aires! It was historical moment - in the first three days 10 racers sent replays, and all without using RH! Two new racers joined to us, and we saw another victory from Alan Rotoi.

16/10/2002 So, ended another ISA event in Amsterdam. And again won Alan Rotoi. He took all 3 wins after he found out this competition. Congratulations! Now will be race in Buenos Aires, native city of Alan Rotoi.

01/10/2002 After the long break Kinshasa event ended. And the winner is Alan Rotoi from MeganiuM team. It's his second win in a row. Unfortunately, some replays from other racers were lost during the break. Nevertheless 4 new racers joined the competition.

21/09/2002 Finally ISA competition is back! After the long time without an update, welcome the new administrator of the ISA - Mingva.

16/07/2002 Alan Rotoi won in London! pArAnO is second and Akoss Poo third. Congratulations to the winners and to the "Man of the Race" Mingva who fighted even he couldn't win a place.

18/06/2002 Okay, here are the results for Adelaide: CAP won it, second is Roy, third pArAno. Also three new drivers joined the competition. Maybe because of a decision to change our championship into a monthly competition.

13/05/2002 Bonzai Joe is the winner on Bombay and also "Man of the Race". He managed to beat the great CAP, who finished second, just 0.20 behind. pArAnO is the third racer on the podium. Pershing II without points again!

22/04/2002 Congratulations to the great winner CAP for his unbelievable result on Toronto and to Ben Snel who was leading for a long time and finished second. pArAnO is our "Man of the Race" because he tried and tried and finally took Bonzai Joe's third place.

31/03/2002 Okay, Bogota is finished. Roy is the winner, and the "Man of the Race" is CAP because he drove the fastest time without jumping over the first loop.

15/03/2002 The 1st Race of Season I is history. Competition started on 3rd March, and three days later ISA proudly presented the first official time on Glasgow by Bonzai Joe! He raced a lot, and until the deadline improved his time to a great mark. Juank 23 send us a time without using replay handling!!! So we decided to give a tribute to such great drivers, and so we will give out a "Man of the Race" award. Juank 23 got it for Glasgow, because he showed us, how to drive Stunts in its best way. Congratulations to all of you who spent some time for the championship. Thanx again & keep on driving!